Our Projects

DeltaWomen aims to empower the indigenous women of the Delta State-socially, economically and politically- through integrated outreach programs to support their basic human rights and to ensure their rightful place in society. DeltaWomen believes that an empowered woman greatly benefits her family, community and society at large. Her family is healthier and better fed, her savings and investments increase, and her children are more likely to be educated. DeltaWomen projects include:

Sexual Harassment and War against Women Violence

DeltaWomen aims to significantly curb violence against women including sexual harassment and abuse by raising awareness, opening communication channels between people, government and public institutions; and providing support networks for women who have been victims of violence and abuse.
DeltaWomen recently launched a sexual harassment campaign targeting many educational institutions and it is currently doing government lobbying to help put effective mechanisms and policies in place for dealing with sexual harassment issues.
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Mentorship and leadership initiative

This initiative trains and supports young aspiring women activists and leaders by providing them with the necessary tools to assume leadership roles and political positions in the Delta State.
Please elaborate on what training you provide? Courses? Workshops? Who are the teachers? i.e. experienced professionals? How long is the training? How often does it take place? How many students did you train? Did your trainees later assume leadership roles? If, so what roles did they obtain?

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Rural Women Empowerment

This program addresses the various needs of rural women to help them play an active role in decision making efforts related to health, social welfare, and finances. DeltaWomen supports rural women by:

  • Raising awareness on the dangers of practicing Female Genital Mutilation
  • Educating adolescents and young girls on the impact of early pregnancy and HIV/AIDS
  • Integrating girls and adolescents in the education system to ensure the completion of their education
  • Supporting the Delta State community in whatever way possible by:
  • providing free cervical examinations and free treatments to women with cervical cancer
  • Doing free eye tests and providing free eye glasses to more than 220 people
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Career Counseling /Workforce and Training Initiative

This initiative will address the critical challenge of employment and occupational dislocation faced by the women of the Delta state worldwide by offering career counselling, CV writing, mock interviews, job training, and job placement assistance.
Need more information: Is it walk-in? online? open to everyone? what are the qualifications/background of the people who provide such service? How do you assist in job placement? Do work with an agency? How many people have you assisted?

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Big Sister Initiative

This program provides mentors to girls and women, serving as a listening ear in times of crisis. DeltaWomen matches mentors with mentees and will soon establish a hotline for this cause.

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Houston Women Support

Delta Women provides immigration advice, Human Trafficking/ FGM awareness and advocacy and domestic/sexual abuse assistance and support to women who have been victims of such treatment.

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Delta Women's Digital Media Education Project

The DeltaWomen Digital Media Training Project involves distance education to be rendered by a core team of volunteers for the benefit of women across the world. It aims to supplement education at grass-root level by teaching women and girls spoken and basic written English, Maths, Science, Cooking, Foreign Languages, Home Science, Eating and Wellness.

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