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Elsie Ijorogu-Reed’s world is a treatise in exploits. She runs DeltaWomen, a self-sponsored NGO in the United States of America. Before branching out, the business intelligence consultant and Microsoft Certified Database Administrator had had her expatriate career through the Middle East, the United States and UK. With over 23,000 members across the globe, she explains why the NGO is self-sponsored and, therefore, why she avoids hobnobbing with government officials. She spoke with SONY NEME from the US.


16 days

This year, a series of alarming high profile incidences such as the UN Bombing, Boko Haram, election violence and the continuing conflict in the Niger Delta and the northern part of the country led us to ask questions about 'where we are going as a nation'. Specifically, incidences regarding violence against women and girls in certain places have caused us to ask if indeed we are safe in our own homes.

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Free eye test Onicha-olona, Delta State Nigeria part 1

Free eye test Onicha-olona, Delta State Nigeria part 2

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