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Me against the world

This issue is not a feministic look over the world women live in. “Women Against The World” is an approach to the idea of woman AND the world. Why do we say “The Mother Earth” when we are the mothers of this earth? I can’t recall the day I turned 6 but I can remember every day of my life. I don’t remeber a single moment that I was not battling the world. I had to survive. I didn’t want to be alive, I wanted to live a dazzling life. It has been me against the world. I’m a woman.‘.


When the Media Rapes a Victim

When it comes to rape and Sexual violence against women, we are all like "Yeah, the same old problem" and I believe that the very same problem is the way we approach an issue like Rape.The Auxerre Affairs in France has been the earliest reported rape in the media. A trial that was called up, later on was reported to have been ‗quickly suspended,‘ as rape was then as local newspapers referred to it— violence like any other‘.

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Free eye test Onicha-olona, Delta State Nigeria part 1

Free eye test Onicha-olona, Delta State Nigeria part 2

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