Volunteer and Core Teams

Volunteer Team Details

Volunteer Team memebrs are very important part of the organization.They perform their roll very well and effectively. without these members the delata women organization can never be completed and can not achive the things. We believe that theses team provide us very valluabale contribution in the organization. In line with the objectives of Delta Women, they are focusing on the current and proposed projects

Adegbemisola Elizabeth Adeniran

I volunteered to work with DeltaWomen because I want to make an impact by contributing my own quota to my community through Deltawomen. The issues being tackled are important to me as a woman, and to the development and emancipation of women in Nigeria.
Country of residence: United Kingdom
Country of origin: Nigeria
Educational Background: M.A International Relations, B.A French Language

Diana Karua

I enjoy working with DeltaWomen because of the exposure and emphasis it gives to common issues among women in our society. DeltaWomen gives me a chance to reach out to the women in our society in an effort to address various concerns that affect all women. These concerns cut across all backgrounds and regardless of age. Thus, the role of DeltaWomen in today’s society is very essential and I am proud to be a member of the team.
Country: Kenya
Professional Background: Public Relations & Event Planning
Educational Background: Communication & Media Technology

Joseph Hansen

I deeply believe that every person should be treated equally, both under the law and in society.
Country: United States
Professional Background: Refugee and immigration law, law of war, currently working for a federal judge.
Educational Background: Graduated from the University of Minnesota Law School with a concentration in human rights.

Paola Brigneti

I enjoy working with DeltaWomen because I deeply believe in women’s potential to positively influence their communities and the world. I believe sexual harassment is one of the most terrible actions of violence against women, and one of the ultimate forms of oppression, hence I want to do something to stop it!
Country of origin: Peru
Country of residence: United States
Professional Background: Youth Development and Empowerment, Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention
Educational Background: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Community Violence Prevention and Intervention, Master Degree in Public Health in Maternal and Child Health

Reshma Raju

DeltaWomen has mirrored its dedication and resolve in being the voice of the African woman, to help her understand and appreciate womanhood, brave the challenges that come with it and, strengthen her emotionally, morally and spiritually. DeltaWomen has helped me understand what celebrating womanhood actually means. I feel honored to be part of such a cause.
Country of Residence: India
Professional Background: Human Resources
Educational Background: Psychology

Kirthi Jayakumar

DeltaWomen is a wonderful forum for women who need to be seen, heard and cared for. For me, DeltaWomen has been a Beacon of Light. It has taught me the true essence of being a voice for my sisters across the globe.
Country of Residence: India
Professional Background: International Law, Human Rights and Writing
Educational Background: Law.