About Us

Motivated by the desire to reach out and give back to the community, Elsie Ijorogu -Reed sought to empower the indigenous women of Delta State.
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The Vision

To empower women spiritually, socially, politically and economically and to protect and enhance their dignity and well-being.

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Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.
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Welcome to DELTA WOMEN

Thank you for visiting our website! Delta Women is a non-profit (NGO) organization dedicated to impacting the lives of the Delta state women worldwide. Our aim is to enable women to enhance and develop their quality of life, thereby becoming the architects of their own futures and lives by presenting opportunities for spiritual, educational, and economic transformation. Delta Women is committed to empowering women, strengthening families and transforming their communities in the process.

Strength, Beauty, Courage, and Power

Historically, women's roles have been focused on bearing children and managing the kitchen. Women were seen, but not heard, with cultural and religious limitations preventing them from participating in personal, social, or family decisions. However, times have changed; women are increasingly assuming the roles of CEOs, litigation lawyers, and senators. Statistics show that women earn four out of every 10 law degrees and almost as many medical degrees.
A woman's worth is now defined by her accomplishments and ability to make a difference. Women's influence can be felt even if they do not occupy seats of power. They are the captain's captain, the architect of our children's future, the moral conscious of a nation, and the economic barometer by which the heart of a nation beats. By recognizing the influence we possess, we can change the future.

"The world needs us. It needs our courage to forge ahead, our intuition to discern, our passion for humanity and our wisdom to see the big picture. Women must stand united in their feminine spirit to bring about global changes. There is nothing quite like women with a purpose, who rise to the occasion." - Allie Ochs